supply chain

Let’s be honest. You have come across situations where your vendor did not meet your expectations at a particular juncture and all you can think of is how that vendor let you down and you wish you can replace them.
The emotions that run with supply chain is pretty common but as an organization you need to ensure you have tools that help you make intelligent decisions that are not based purely on emotions. May be that vendor had performed really well in the past or the vendor is critical to other aspects of the operation that’s not very apparent to you right now because you are only looking at what’s in front of you.

That’s where TruPacta’s patented “Vendor Score Index” comes in handy which relies on key financial, contractual and operations metrics based on the history vendor performance to help you make critical decisions that are based purely on intelligence-based data and not emotions.

Think of TruPacta’s “Vendor Score Index” as JD Power rating on key attributes that make it easy for you to comprehend how this vendor has performed over a 12 month or 6 month interval and compared to other competitors in the same space. Vendor Score Index also provides individual scores on key financial and operational metrics that your organization cares about.

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