About TruPacta. And the Team Behind the Software.

TruPacta is an industry-first SaaS based vendor management platform built for practitioners to track key financial and performance metrics within an organization’s vendor portfolio.  TruPacta’s platform tracks financial discrepancies for vendor payments, vendor performance score indexing, service entitlements and other key vendor contract metrics. The Platform offers a scalable validation process of operational data running parallel to enterprise systems. Meaning the Platform is not intended to disrupt current operations, simply identify where contract inefficiencies are limiting business performance.

The TruPacta solution is built for Vendor Managers by Vendor Managers who have been practicing in this discipline for more than 45 years combined. Based on our experience working in Vendor Management organizations have limited tools for employees dedicated to reduce cost leakages and optimize vendor contracts. What we bring to our customers is a platform that not only notifies users of inefficiencies but trains users where to find cost leakage and business improvement opportunities.

The Vendor Managers who built TruPacta

Our Values

1. Data Integrity

We build everything with data integrity at the forefront of every offering. Bad data is useless.

2. Growth and Learning

We study the market and learn from customers to develop a platform which can stay true to the needs of Vendor Managers

3. Go Above and Beyond

Open line of communication however and wherever the customer needs to provide the best customer experience.

4. Lead with Optimism

We strive to inspire creativity in our team to build the best Vendor management platform